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  1. Ivanna sier:

    I don’t expect the certnal banks to become a fan of this proposal. After all it will reduce their influence on the economy. As my last bullet point shows, I’d like the national certnal banks and the ECB involved in such a solution. They might even be the one delivering the infrastructure. At least they should monitor any activity to prevent abuse. Involvement is also necessary because of course an additional currency has interferences with the Euro that have to be considered at decisions concerning the Euro.Currently I have the feeling politics and certnal banks widely ignore this option. There is a possibility they might want to react like the Austrian government reacted 100 years ago to the Woergl experiment and just forbid complementary systems once they start to catch momentum. But then again, I am an optimist, I believe this time since we are better educated and networked globally, I believe we can make out governments listen and maybe prevent such a step, should the time come. I don’t see the banks out of business. I just see them lose their superpower position. However, they will still be a very influential industry. Even with mutual credit or other money systems, you still need infrastructure, financing and services. You need debtor credibility evaluation more then ever and someone has to establish and maintain techniques to prevent abuse.We also have one other challenge, which I did not address in this article: the NCU would be great for consumption, it is however not so great for storing wealth. A need that arises from our wish to accumulate resource for times of need or retirement. So even investment fonds are likely to be around in such a system only they might to less casino gambling and more real investment in real businesses that produce real stuff.

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